Uros Spasojevic Bass

WG has been supporting Uros thru all of his albums and thru recent career.

Thru his albums he morphed his approach, there, he searched for the right instrument and this is the final stage of that search.

A true balance between low rumble of bass guitar and voicey singing character of tenor range.

That kind of character is standard for all babyTs- guitar like expression with a bass imbodyment.

Add his palette of effects and his music, and you have a wide range of creativity thad gained color, morphs thru time and space, speaks stories.

Be sure to check his main page urosspasojevic.com


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DSC_9771  DSC_9870


It is a babyTULIPbass, 33″scale, 26 small frets.

EADGC tuned

Roasted maple/wenge neck

Walnut body with a spalted/flame maple top.

It has an Aguilar set of pickups and preamp (OBP3) yet preamp is bypassed for most times.




There is a new episode to the short scale adventure,  a new RIAbass headless bass sporting

32″ scale and lacks nothing that a full blown bass should have.  And, yes, this new RIAbass is BEADG tuned.