Premier design of WoodGuerilla. As we have models to suite every gender of audio-visual style of instruments, RIAbass is a class of its own. Started as mostly short scale design, carbon-fiber coated and feather light, we did variety of options and still combine to suite a ones need.


After many basses, it was time for the first RIAguitar to shine. This one with a Glogon headstock.


img_5019   stef1 RIA   stef2 RIA

For quite some time there was a solid setup mede of HiperLite RIAbass (body could be made very thin as there was no magnetic pickups) with only a single Roland MIDI pickup and a Roland VB99. Unfortunately, that comlex and great device from Roland is no more made, unfortunately. Few of us are still waiting for some “next gen” device that would do the EVERYTHING job for bass…

img_4971   stef vol RIA1

stef vol RIA2img_4987

mir1 RIA   img_3458