FAB guitar and bass

Every time we do an instrument, it looks like a super crazy session. True pleasure is to follow and support someone creative and talented as David. Every instrument, as spontaneous was its design and look, revolves around a FAB core design. It’s a lite mahogany body, padouk neck with maple heel and back of the headstock), maple fingerboard,                                                                                brass nut, EMG engined, light weigh instrument.

Recently we started installing BareKnuckle WarPig (in Davids outlook) as a standard for FAB.

Every FAB is custom painted by DAVID himself, and tested of course.

Other guitars David uses are a 7string version, double neck (HYDRA), nylon strings fretless, and yellow TULIPbass also used in DestinyPotato (Davids vehicle to madness)


Due to contract obligations, David  will  exclusively play the electric guitar of other manufacturer so from now on, this model will be called just FABguitar.

You will see and hear David play his WG bass, cab and few more fun stuff.

As for the FAB guitar, we will maintain the highest quality and also the highest level of artistry.

Also, we got nothing but best wishes for David and his new adventures.


From this day on, a constant feed of FABbass singular adventure are about to be happening.

After a while of thinking and preparing, a first FABbass is here.

I am super satisfied with every detail of it. It truly is a parallel bass instrument designed to match a well known model of guitar.

It was a pleasure, doing a design and making something with a goal and purpose in sound and shape and color (color will still be on each of the FAB family


Few more are already on the way.


FAB guitar

fab-1   fab-6   fab-5   fab-2

I.D. guitar

I.D. had a little face lifting recently. It went to seafoam green.

id-1   id-8   id-3       id-2

Hydra guitar

Hydra is actually the first guitar we ever done for David. So we went from the complicated backwords and it really went a long way, having FAB and I.D. later

hydra-1   hydra-8   hydra-3   hydra-2

DSC_6930   DSC_6939   DSC_6936   DSC_6944  

FABbass number 2



Signature FAB for MC Milovan of ZemljaGruva.    It is a Signature Artwork finish called NeboGruva done by Dusanka Abramovic (Mastarium.rs)


This is a FABbass number one:


Super adorable and yet only FAB done in transparent finish, with wood to shine.  Much of it is still unique, quilted mahagony top and ebony-rosewood-wenge neck.

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