Alek Darson Signature

ALEK DARSON is one of the original WG Family members. The LA based, Serbian composer-guitarist-producer extraordinaire is our honorary artist endorser, and WG ambassador for North America.

Our profADarson_MS_1essional “symbiosis” started back in 2009 when Wood Guerilla manufactured one of the first 7-string electric guitars, based on Alek’s taste and fine-tuned to his needs. Since then, Alek is exclusively using Wood Guerilla Guitars and his ever-growing collection includes: Puffy, Lion Fish, Dark Puff, EMA, Jag, ADS Purple Rust, and Bunta Bass. Alek gives us valuable input on how to constantly upgrade our product experience, and we show our gratitude by building mind-blowing guitars for him. We are currently deep in process of creating the first serial production WG electric guitar, which will be a 7-string AD Signature model, expected to be available in 2018. For more information on Alek’s WG guitars and his music, make sure to check out
“Wood Guerilla is one of the best companies to work with. They will never shy away from a good challenge in that constant pursuit of the perfect tone. Their knowledge and quality of the tone woods are second to none, resulting in that distinctive WG  “woody soul” every single instrument they make vibes with. The
second you lay your hands on one you know it’s a WG.”
 — Alek Darson

Puffy                                                                                        LionFish

guitar_puffy_big     guitar_lionfish_big

Dark Puff (Fretless)                                                            E.M.A. (Electric Meets Acoustic)

guitar_dark_puff_big     guitar_ema_big

This is a new guitar of Alek’s soon to be covered in more than detail…