Mr. Dalibor


Mr. Dalibor – Designer, luthier

Before settling all my passion and love into crafting electric string instruments, used to go thru few diferent fields and small lives by itself.

Studying clarinet as a youngster.

Finishing the Army School (interestingly, started playing bass guitar and spent 4 years actually managing the band of my Class). After finishing high school went for professional bass playing. finished jazz school Stankovic in Belgrade.

Sometime along, started hand making the wooden clothing buttons, lamps and designing different accessories, all of which made a great practise for starting making basses later. Next 10 years, DelArnoBend, XCentar, Eyesbyrn, Suspeakaz, teaching bass guitar, recording.

Finished Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, RIT with a MostValuableStudent award. 2008-2009. Started building basses in Summer of 2003.  Called it a profession at 2005 and doing it rigorously (under the WoodGuerilla brand) since now. Playing MTD basses since 1999 and consider my self an MTD player. Have the honour to be a close friend of Mr. Michael Tobias and to be tutored by him.

Also being tutored by a local legend in guitar making Mr. Miroslav Tasic.

As knowing the bass guitar primarily (being a bass player) most of the products were basses, but learnig about guitar and other instrument made the increase in number of 7 and 8 strings guitar, and even 6 string lately. Also venturing into lap steel and some new experiments.

In 2010 and later went deep into designing instruments, designing almost all the part that WG uses  beside the actual shapes, respecting both aestethics and ergonomics, and stepping into designing of a pedals and amps with different manufacturers from the region.

Lives happily with his wife and two sons in Belgrade, Serbia.