wg ABAZbass

Product Description

We used to have this model for cuite a few years. Model name is ABAZbass, named after a first bass made that actually had a name Abaz. All of them were very complex, neck thru, the more is better basses and thru time other, more signature designes took its place, but it is not forgotten.

These two basses are made at the allmost same time and took a long road together.

Actually, there were 4 of them, started a trip to LosAngeles (in 2009), been at Holywood for a while, been at AmpShop- BassExchange (in its old location), went thru NewYork and right now they are in Toronto, Canada.

Third of 4 is at the BlackLion Studio in Chicago.

Fourth of them is at the Michael Tobias collection.

So, if you go thru Toronto, and need a bass. Call us and see if you like them.

Price for them would be very promotional.


Them both sport EMG DC40 pickups with EMG preamps and Hipshot tuners and bridges.