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Product Description

One of the discontinued model that appears from time to time is BUNTAbass.

And this time around it came with a bang.

Beautiful bass that has every square centimeter curved, probably would do well in the wind pipe as cars are tested.

Soundwise it has the speed, it has the punch and yet a softness that makes it be played non stop.

Neck-thru, 34″ scale, 24 frets, handmade brass nut,

Schmitt bridge with bronze saddles with 19mm string spacing.

WG custom made knobs

Hipshot UltraLite tuners

Aguilar DualCoil Humbucker

Audere preamp with selectable impedance

MTD strings as usual

In wood department there are:

True neck thru (no tone blocks this time) 7 piece padouk-flame ash neck

Body is ash with flame bubinga top with headstock top of the same sort

Fin gerboard is finest grade birdseye maple.

All the nice details are visible on the pictures.

Bass to dream for…..

The bass is at Porech, Croatia, at our Bass Camp Funtana.