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babyTULIP Carbon6

Sustaining Wonder

Product Description

This is a WoodGuerilla bass, model babyTULIP.

6strings, 33inches scale, 24frets

Neck thru, with roasted maple both neck and fingerboard.

Body (sides) are lite mahagony.

Entire bass is coated in carbon fiber and finished with wigh gloss polyurethain lacquer.
Coating makes it undistructable. Really can take it under a truck wheel.

Hardware is all ABM, installed for 18mm on the bridge.

Pickups are EMG DC45 going to two outputs, first is a direct out from the pickups, the second out is thru a custom made preamp with a DI out, going to a mixer and phantom powered.
Theres an ART small preamp that provides phantom power when there is no mixer around (it comes with the bass).

Third output from the bass Roland GK-2b kit, installed in the bass, and with no controls coming with it, it just was no space for it.

It sports a hand made brass nut and custom made WG aluminium knobs.

Bass is very specific sounding.
As carbon coated thruout it has the brilliance the is alltime present.
Even without it it would be a nicely compressed shred tool.
It has a reall piano like sustain, so all that makes this bass a ultimate shred tool,
ideal for tapping and whatever piro you wish and can.
It has an organic soul in the core of its tone, but it is a modern thing.

Call or write for any additional info