TULIPbass is a step forward in a single cut construction, for us. A headless version of TULIPbass named babyTULIP is very popular because of its playability, portability (fits in a guitar gig bag) and TONE. As it is short scale, non one turned not to be beautiful sounding instrument.


IMG_1822  IMG_1834  IMG_1859

DSC_6718   DSC_6720   DSC_6736

img_4078   1_b_tulip   ruz_tulip__03_07_10_1

tulip_3   tulip_4

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Wood Guerilla  Albatros    principal creative vehicle of Mr. Lazar Ostojic

img_4014   img_4020

img_4065   img_1659

Below:   RoyalTULIP bass   Royal is a mark of a highest possible quality, workmanship and design.

bass6   single2

Below is a ClownTULIP  bass    6 strings wood extravanza

4_ct_body_front   5_ct_full_back

dsc_6655   dsc_6656