David Maxim Micic Signature

Every time we do an instrument, it looks like a super crazy session. True pleasure is to follow and support someone creative and talented as David. Every instrument, as spontaneous was its design and look, revolves around a FAB core design. It’s a lite mahogany body, maple neck, maple board, brass
nut, EMG engined, light weigh instrument.

Every FAB is custom painted by DAVID himself, and tested of course.
Other guitars David uses are a 7string version, double neck (HYDRA), nylon strings fretless, and yellow TULIPbass also used in DestinyPotato (Davids vehicle to madness)


FAB guitar

fab-1   fab-6

fab-5   fab-2

I.D. guitar

id-1   id-8

id-3   id-2

Hydra guitar

hydra-1   hydra-8

hydra-3   hydra-2


DSC_6930   DSC_6939

DSC_6936   DSC_6944