end of 2013. HAPPY HOLYDAYS to all.
's been a good year for WG
many new familly members
also a lot of great accomplishments by the old bros
many new beautifull instruments

06.08.2013. We are here, we are kickin, dont worry people.
All the fun is happening over at the Facebook, but you probably know it Anyway,
full new bass and guitar galleries will be added to your pleasure
over here at the official website.
Lot of InStock instruments so dont be shy to buzz.

Hope you have a great summer ! (or winter of course)

Stay tuned low and peace to all!


ps. we got El.Guerilla in the making so itta be funn.

01 01 12 Happy New Year to all you people!
Kick it hard and low !!!!!

08.o4.2011. Finally.
Custom Wood Guerilla Apollo KN1 3way preamp
Testing done, it's production time.
It is finall upgrade in total control and custimisation of the
WG sound.
Good Time, people !

13.03.2011. Another wave...
2 ROOT basses (galleries 1 and 2)
1 TULIP (gallery 5) available for purchase!!!
2 Custom guitars (galleries 1 and 2)
1 BUNTA guitar ( gallery 1) - Constellation Twinn

06.12.2010. Another massive update with 5 instruments
3 ROOT basses
2 BUNTA basses
Check out the IN STOCK section !

24. 11. 10 . Massive update with 5 new instruments
2 BUNTA guitars
1 ROOT bass
1 TULIP bass
1 Custom made guitar

03 07 10 Beautiful new Tulip bass IN STOCK and SOLD

29.03.10. BIG TIME NEWS !!!
Vladislav Filipovic finally got all his work together in one place !!!!
new website
GO NUTS !!!!!!!

28.03.10. Got new familly member
Dejan Antovic broke in his ROOT Bass with Aleksandra Kovac
last night. Pics are commin soon.

16.02.2010. Zeljko (Carbon Cartel band) got his new ABAZ
gallery 8 in ABAZes

06.02.10. New ROOT BASS in the models/rootbass
Fretless one...go and check it out!

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to receive a newsletter (new instruments and announcements)

29.01.2010. The WG official web site is launched !
Lets have some fun !

Dalibor Vucic aka Vuchko | Belgrade, Distant Planet Serbia