Ampeg B15-s


Product Description

As we deal with making instruments, all the parts of the chain of sound is considered.

This is a fine example of an classic instrument, Ampeg B15-s Portaflex.

Without any further talk about its history, except that is legendary, this one is in great codition.

All the parts are original, nothing modded or repaired.

Speaker is a mint condition Altec 418-8H ser.10884

Beside having all the right parts, original and all, it took a while (few years to be precise) to find a master repair-guy who (as he sad) make the grounding correct and really took it to the highest level of sound.

So now, it has a minimum noise and hum, and maximum power. Clean, healthy power.

Usually with these amps (speaking from experience of trying a few) there is an kinda dissbalance in turning up the Volume knob, having trouble going above 9 oClock. Here it works in a way “as it suppose to”. With lots of power. Healthy in every position of the V knob. I would go and say “with lots of headroom” as it really sounds like that.

Nice opportunity for having a piece of history, but in a really functional state.


ps. repair guy mentioned is  Goran Vesovski, and lives in Pancevo, Serbia.